Smart Villages Institute

Smart Villages Institute implements training and educational programs covering several disciplines directly or through well known training & educational entities, and its scope of work covers Egypt as well as Africa & the Middle East, and to be fully accredited as well.

Smart Villages Institute (SVI) Objectives are to implement Intellectual programs that meet individuals’ personal and career level, through a variety of channels and timeframes.
Establish channels of accreditation with Universities & Research Centers for the welfare of the society and in particular Smart Village employees




  • Workshops & Seminars.
  • We deliver you a one–way communication format or interactive experience through our workshops and seminars to boost your career through our intellectual programs that include Presentation, Communication , Negotiation, Business writing, Leadership, Problem Solving, Time Management, The Professional Employee, Business Etiquettes, Train the Trainer


  • Certificates & Diplomas.
  • Looking to update or acquire skills, holding a bachelor’s degree and want to expand, enroll in any of SVI programs such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Public Relations, Finance, Human Resources, Office Management, Management of IT, Project Management, Technical certifications from different multinational IT & Telecom


  • Tailored courses.
  • We offer specific private courses upon your needs, from the general to highly specialized courses. We will always assess your needs and fulfill your requirements.


  • Team Building.
  • We design team building activities or sessions, which can include ice breakers, discussion topics, games, cooperative assignments, and group brainstorming.


  • Job Fairs.
  • we organize Job fairs, where newly graduates and existing employees meet various representatives from different companies and corporations from all industries in one location, where job opportunities are offered.


  • Career Advising.
  • Group career advising sessions are available for fresh graduates or even existing employees. These sessions will assist you in identifying your career goals and develop effective strategies for achieving career satisfaction and success. 


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